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Stories about problem solving, teamwork, and the BEST way to throw fairy parties!

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 sister fairies

Book two coming summer 2024!

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About Me

I grew up listening to my mother's stories about fairy parties while she attempted to tame my wild and unruly hair.

These memories inspired my first children's book, Eri and the Fairies: A Knotty Solution, about problem solving, teamwork, and the BEST way to throw a fairy party!  

I began cooking and planning parties at age 10 with my first apple pie and went on to have a catering business, a restaurant, and teach children grades pre-K through middle school the basics of cooking; always with a touch of whimsy!

I am a mother and grandmother who put my knowledge of problem solving into this book and after a long career as a computer engineer and project planner, I have retired to concentrate on playing, and learning along with my grandchildren. My husband and I reside in Longwood, Florida. 

Please enjoy these fairy tales and then join me for more info on fairies, cooking and, of course, books! 

The cover of the book

Eri and the Faries: A Knotty Solution is a delightful fairy story with fairy food recipes. The author tells the story of Eri and two fun-loving fairies who visit her hair every night. They love to party, dance and play with Eri's beautiful, long silky hair.


However, when morning comes, they leave Eri's hair in knots like a tangled bird's nest. She and her mother are determined to find a way to keep the knots out of her hair. They think of a solution, but will it work? Find out in this colorfully illustrated book.

Recent Reviews

"I received my Eri and the Fairies book today and am very impressed with the illustrations and well written book. It should be on every little girl's bookshelf. It not only embraces you to believe in Fairies but also teaches that there is always a solution to a problem if you really put your mind to it and ask for help. It also gives them inspiration to learn how to cook in special ways that you do not often find in recipe books. This book is well done and inspiring!"

Linda LaFave

Fairy Freddy
Fairy Party
Fairy Freda
girl holding a book
Recent Reviews

"Every page of this delightful story is gorgeously illustrated. Eri and the Fairies: A Knotty Solution is the first children's book by Leni Puccio, and it is not just a simple story about fairies. It teaches young readers about problem-solving and teamwork. It's fun, engaging, and charming. I was impressed with how many recipes for a fairy party it contains. The recipes left my mouth watering. Little girls with long hair will relate to Eri's problem and root for her. Every little girl interested in stories about fairy parties and tangled hair should read this book. Apart from recipes for a fairy party, the book shows how to plan a successful fairy feast. Young fairy lovers will treasure it and enjoy reading it aloud again and again."

Emma Megan, Readers' Favorites

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Eri and the Faries: Somewhere Lost in Sicily is the second Eri and the Fairies book.


Eri and her fairies go to visit her Nonna in Sicily. Upon arriving Freddy and Freida go missing. This is the story about what happens to them and how Eri and her family work together to bring them home.


Join us for this fairy story that takes place in Sicily, with family, friends and problem solving and, of course, scrumptious recipes at the end for a fabulous fairy and friends' party.  

Cover of Somewhere lost in Sicily
sicilian countryside.jpg
Eri and her friends searching for Sicily
Lost fairies
3 generations cooking together
Freida the fairy
Recent Reviews




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