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Sicilian Delight

Eri and the Fairies: Somewhere lost in Sicily is now live on Amazon! As always you can order it on my website for a signed hardback copy. I have also received an awesome 5-star review from Readers' Favorite that I want to share with you all.

Reviewed by Emma Megan for Readers’ Favorite

Eri and the Fairies: Somewhere Lost in Sicily by Leni Puccio is a delightful children's picture book. It follows Eri as she visits her Nonna (grandmother) Angelina and loses her fairy friends in Sicily's airport. When Freddy and Frieda learn that they will go in a plane to Sicily, where there are delicious foods, they are thrilled. This is the first time Freddy and Frieda will visit Sicily and fly in a plane. But upon arriving in Sicily, Eri notices that Freddy and Frieda are missing. She begins searching for them, but she can't find them anywhere. Eri worries even more as she realizes that her fairy friends don't even speak Italian. She must come up with an idea of how to find them. Will Eri find her fairy friends?

Eri and the Fairies: Somewhere Lost in Sicily is an absolutely gorgeous book. It's a feast for the eyes and mouth. You should not read it on an empty stomach. It is the second Eri and the Fairies book and contains fabulous, authentic Italian recipes and appealing, colorful illustrations that brighten every page. The recipes have many simple steps, encouraging children and adults to cook together. Leni Puccio's story teaches children about teamwork, problem-solving, amazing recipes, and how to throw a magical Italian fairy party. Thus, if you are interested in a magical Italian fairy party, you'll discover recipes like Cannoli Siciliani, Marzipan, Cassata Trifle, Granita, Arancini, Sicilian Brioche Bun, and more in this book. It can be a unique gift for every young fairy enthusiast in your life.

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